A retrospective art show featuring the work of Evangeline Leach was held between Sunday, July 20th and July 26th 2008 at the beautiful Gibson Centre for Community, Arts & Culture in Alliston, Ontario. The reception that was held on the first day of the show was very well attended and a complete joy for the artist. The show featured 73 paintings representing a broad cross-section of her work, and soft jazz accompanied visitors as they took in the show. It was the first time that the artist had seen an overview of her art so it was particularly poignant for her to see her work as a whole. Most of the comments in this section of the website were collected in the guestbook on the day or the reception.

From Brenda: “Congratulations to you and your art! You have inspired so many with your artwork and I cherish every painting that I have from you. (Enjoy the retrospective and the time with friends and family. I wish I could be there!)”

From Judy: “To my dear friend Evangeline: A tribute of gratitude for the outpouring of love and artistic expression. You are a marvel.”

From Paul Sargia: “You have brought wonder to the thousands who have viewed your artistry. To this day I often stop at paintings in homes of friends of ours and think, ‘That’s AWEfully nice!… Could it be – yes, it’s by Evangeline!’ I hope the number of those who reach the same conclusions will soon reach the millions.”

From Elsie: “…It is amazing! What did you do? Compete with the cats and nine lives? As a painter, mother, wife, nurse, cooker, baker, decorator, an embracing hostess to half the world that enters your open doors, keeping them warm and safe until they leave your place. Well you have done and more. I know you went to bed every night, but when did you do all that?!…Thank you for the gifts seen and unseen.”

A PS from Elsie: Congratulations, you little humble spitfire! You showed us how to live.”

From Susan Shortt: “ Dear Evangeline: It is wonderful to see the variety of your work. Seeing it in one room is awe-inspiring. Thank you so much for your dedication, your joy, and your love of art. Congratulations!”

From Ginnie and Jim Galloway: What a wonderful feeling as we wandered through your paintings – very vibrant and inspiring.”

From Kathy Taylor: “Thank you for sharing your light as it emanates from your paintings! What a blessing for all who view your artistry!”

From Jean Pillar: “You inspire me!”

From Linda Roedl: “Absolutely glorious work! Thank you, and best wishes.”

From James Thompson: “A spectacular show! What an incredible life’s work. Captivating beauty on canvas. Best regards.”

From PP Alberghini: “Evangeline, your show is Light!”

Barbara Willis-Sweete and Gene Watts: “ A wonderful show in a glorious building. A great party, too!”

Ellen Mann: “Inspired artistry! Evangeline’s work embodies all the elements of the Group of Seven and more.”

From Joanna: “Thank you for capturing so much wonder and beauty in your art so it stays forever available to enjoy for all lovers of beauty. Words are difficult to find. I love it.”

From Mary Joy: “Congratulations on the opening of your retrospective art show!! I can only imagine how amazing it must feel in the gallery, with so many of your exquisite paintings all around! I have always especially loved the delicacy of your nature watercolours. How wonderful that your lovely, lovely art can be honoured this way.”